KRSS Interiors

We have an in-house design team who work alongside yourself on a one-to-on basis, this ensures we get your vision right the first time. We don’t just ‘wing’ the job in hand, we become the job in hand.

With our specialist knowledge and experience within the interior design sector you can be sure to trust and rely on KRSS, we don’t just want you to be satisfied with the end project, we want you to relish in the beauty of your new surroundings.

Our services are all bespoke and tailored to the project and budget provided. We will consider: Your colour Scheme, Layout, Spacing and Efficiency. We understand, that not all projects are laid out to us 100{84e0a3f9d60e86f36112331fb60e807f8e1d4e618ac396969df194ef8395e9ce}, which is why with our skill set, and your vision – we can create a development in which will reflect your individuality in a beautiful manner. We will make sure you feel stimulated and ecstatic with the outcome.

During our initial consultation, KRSS Interior design, will aim to get to know your: Needs, Wants, Personality and Functionality needed, this allows us to build up the perfect image. We will also take measurements and photographs of the interior, so that we can relate backto certain aspects and make sure the project is able to interpret the correct decorative manner.

KRSS Interior, will present you a range of visions and concepts in which we believe is right for you, we can showcase you a range of fabrics, drawings and styles. We will be on hand throughout the whole process and are always at the other end of the phone, whether it be 6am or 10pm. Our focus is you, and until you are happy, we are not settled.
Why not drop us a message today and see just how much we can work together to create your very own masterpiece within your home, school, store or even hospital.