Building work

KRSS Construction Limited are experts when it comes to conduction building work, with our expert knowledge and staff, we can conduct building work anywhere in the UK, we have the best equipment in the industry and are always developing our qualifications.
Ask any of our clients and they will tell you just how much they fell in love with their new building project. We will help: Plan, Develop and manage your site, all with a little KRSS magic


Already have your build? Looking to expand your home, office, lodge or even your studio? If so, KRSS Construction Limited are perfect for you!
We have completed several extensions including: Bedrooms, Lofts, roofs, multi-story, garage, basement, conservatories and more! KRSS Construction Limited are here for you, and we can help you develop without breaking the bank.

Planning applications

We at KRSS Construction Limited understand that gaining planning applications can be tough, which is why we are able to offer a helpful hand to get the most from your proposal. We have helped thousands gain permission to build and we aim to do the same for you too! Just remember, KRSS Construction Limited are here for you and your needs.


Is your residential area in need of a little TLC? Here at KRSS Construction Limited we would love to help you out, we will make sure that your area is fit for a king.

We wish to give you a professional and welcoming touch with our state of the art equipment and knowledge; all members of our team are ready to take on your next project. We are experts in offering customer service to clients from across the globe, we are here for you, we are KRSS Construction Limited.

Design & build

Here at KRSS Construction Limited, we like to make sure you project runs as soon as possible, we can help you put together your design and build. We work with yourselves to generate a full blueprint and make sure the budget and planning is of the right level for you, whether you are needing a new house design, a new warehouse mock up, then we are the team for you – you become a part of us during the project. We are here for you, we are KRSS Construction limited.

Loft conversions

KRSS Construction Limited understand the vital meaning of a loft conversion, we understand that this is becoming more common in many households across the UK and London – we can convert, insulate, and even design your whole new-look loft! We can install you state of the art windows, and make it as roomy as we possibly can! Why go anywhere else, when KRSS Construction Limited can do it all!

Structural engineering

Our team at KRSS Construction Limited are branded as experts when it comes to Structural Engineering, they are known to give the most accurate and up to date information when developing your project.
KRSS Construction Limited make sure all the team are trained to understand, predict, and even calculate the overall stability and life span of your building structure. So, why not pick up the phone today and see just what KRSS Construction Limited can do for you, we are sure you will not be disappointed!


We hold several qualifications of the architect front, meaning we can give you the best design you could possibly imagine, whether you need architect plans for buildings, physical structures or even interiors, them, KRSS Construction would love to get hands on with your project. Speak to us today and see what magic we can work together.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are needing architect designing, then contact KRSS Construction Limited today! We are sure to be able to get the ball rolling on your project.


The bathroom can be one of the difficult areas to fit, here at KRSS Construction Limited we are able to maintain any plumbing and fitting needs to make sure your area is fit for a king or queen. We offer only the best service and solutions so that your room is to your liking. We can fit bathtubs, showers, radiators, sinks and basins, all for a low cost tailored to your budget.
So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to start something amazing? Call KRSS Construction Limited today on 07805 310933 and see what we can achieve together.

Home improvements & Restoration

Is your home needing a little TLC, do you require a restoration of an existing room or area? If so KRSS Construction Limited have the qualifications and experience to give you that home showcase look, we offer a modern and friendly approach to get your home improvement off to the best possible start, just ask any of our previous clients how we did, they used KRSS Construction Limited to get the best, and you can too!


KRSS Construction Limited are qualified with many skills to repair or place any roofing to your building. We have a team of fantastic workers who are more than happy to offer their services onto your project. Whether you have a missing tile or a leakage, drop KRSS Construction Limited a call and someone will be right out to offer you a free consultation!


Kitchens are one of our favourites here at KRSS Construction Limited, the possibilities are literally endless! With the modern trade of automatic drawers and self-lifting bins, we can make your kitchen area shine once more! We have a range of suppliers for fittings and can give you that showcase look, our team are on hand to install and design your dream kitchen area. So what are you waiting for? Come and let KRSS Construction Limited show you just what we can do! We are only a phone call away.

Commercial Builders

KRSS Construction Limited can design, build, develop, and plan your commercial project. So, whether you need: An Office Building, Warehouse, Retail area, Convenience Store, Shopping Mall or even a ‘big box’ stall, then you can rely on KRSS Construction Limited to produce the perfect job for you!

We have been known to add significant value and spacing to commercial uses, our packages are perfect and tailored for you! Drop a call today on 07805 310933 and let the KRSS Construction Limited Team work their magic on your project.

Refurbishments and renovations

KRSS Construction Limited understand that sometimes, things can get a little outdated, which is why we are pleased to announce, that we do full refurbishment and renovation services, we can turn your old-style building or project into something a lot more modern and sustainable for the world we live inside of today, with state of the art technology and methods, we are sure you will be amazed with what we can do for you. Why not drop us a call today on 07805 310933 and discuss your needs.

New builds

Any new build is an exciting time for both ourselves and our clients, we love starting new builds as its allows the imaginative initiatives to come alive! We would LOVE to hear about your ideal world and we LOVE to be a part of it!

KRSS Construction Limited offer a service fit for a king or queen, and offer a unique tailored establishment to make sure we get the full picture of your requirements. Whether you are looking for new builds in terms of office, home, commercial, or even warehouse, then we would be honoured to have even been considered by yourselves.

Large scale refurbishments

KRSS Construction Limited can cater for large scale refurbishment projects, no matter the size, we will always offer our best and highest services to get your projected moving. Whether you need a team of leading sub-contractors, or need our whole staff base on your project, then we are here to offer you just that! You do not need to worry when working with KRSS Construction Limited, we have you covered, you are a member of our family, you are the new addition to KRSS Construction Limited.

Small home improvement projects

Sometimes, you may think that your job is too small for a construction company to complete, however, at KRSS Construction Limited that is certainly not the case! We have helped several small home owners improve their projects, these range from a simple installation, plan, set-up or even carpentry! We will not push you to the curb due to the size of your job, at KRSS Construction Limited we will treat you with priority and offer you the best service in which we possibly can.

Wardrobe fitting

Wardrobe fitting can be a daunting task, getting it from the van, up the stairs and through every door! Here at KRSS Construction Limited we can fit / build your wardrobe in your selected room. These include a range of styles and designs, whether it be the standard standing or the more modern sliding, we at KRSS Construction Limited can help you! Wardrobes are our middle name, why not give us a call today on 07805 310933 and see just what we can do to help get your project off the ground.